We are here to help you identify what you can do right now, to achieve the goals you want and create the life you want to live. 

The mission of Behavioral Medicine Associates, LLC is to provide the highest quality, ethical healthcare possible, using only the very best research and clinically effective treatments for the people we serve in our community.  

Our vision is to promote ongoing wellness and prevention through helping people reduce suffering, and create fulfilling lives driven by meaning and purpose.



Dr. Andrew P. Steinmark, PsyD - Director of Behavioral Medicine Services

Dr. Andrew P. Steinmark, PsyD - Director of Behavioral Medicine Services

Dr. Andrew Steinmark has spent nearly thirty years working in the field of healthcare, the first fifteen as a respiratory therapist, concentrating in the areas of critical care medicine.  He is the founder of Behavioral Medicine Associates, LLC and Director of Behavioral Medicine Services.  Dr. Steinmark holds a Doctorate Degree in clinical psychology from the University of Hartford.  He completed an internship at the Yale University-affiliated VA Connecticut Healthcare System in clinical health psychology, with a focus in primary care medicine, and his postdoctoral fellowship at Dartmouth Medical School in behavioral medicine, specializing in chronic pain management. 

Dr.  Steinmark is also the founder of the Soundings®, LLC, a professional organization aimed at improving  leadership and performance in organizations and at the individual level.

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