What are your regular office hours?

Our office hours are: Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday 8:00AM-4:00PM, and Friday 8:00AM-Noon

What is behavioral medicine?

Behavioral Medicine is the interdisciplinary field concerned with the development and integration of behavioral, psychosocial, and biomedical science knowledge and strategies pertinent to the understanding of wellness and medical illness, and the application of this knowledge and these techniques to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Do you only work with medical patients (or provide behavioral medicine services)?

Absolutely not.  However, Behavioral Medicine Services, LLC primarily treats medical patients, but from time-to-time, we definitely work with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, or even phobia's, depending on your providers availability.  Depending on the severity of the persons depression or anxiety (or other mental health difficulties) however, if the nature of the presenting problem is outside your providers scope of practice, we will be provided an individual with a referral to another more appropriate healthcare practitioner or organization in the community.

What is a health psychologist?

The field of health psychology central focus is encouraging health and prevention, as well as focusing on the treatment of disease and illness, using psychological interventions.  A health psychologist thereby focuses on understanding the psychosocial and biological factors related to behavior and coping with illness (or recovering from an illness).  Additionally, health psychologists may also work to enhance the healthcare delivery system and be involved on either a local, state, or federal level in health care policy making.  Health psychologists frequently work in the field of behavioral medicine.

Do you accept credit cards?

Not just yet.  However, this is actively in the works, and we are expecting to accept major credit cards and also direct debiting of checking accounts soon.

What is your cancellation policy?

We simply ask that you provide at least 2-business days notice so that other patients in need of services may be scheduled.  However, in the event of inclement weather, emergencies, or illness, this policy is frequently waived.  For more detailed information and specific information, please refer to item #7 on page 4 of your copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices and Patient Consent-to-Treatment Agreement.

Does Behavioral Medicine Associates, LLC treat children or teenagers?

We routinely see adults, ranging in age from 18 years old to 80+ years old.  At the present time, we do not provide services to kids or teenagers.  We are however, happy to refer you to a provider that does treat this patient population.  Please feel free to contact our office at (413) 241-7376, and we will do our best to help.

What do you charge for your services?

Please see our fee schedule HERE:


For more information about our services or to make an appointment, please contact us.  We look forward to serving you!